The Benefits of Playing War Robots

War Robots, previously known as Walking War Robots, is a popular third-person shooter game that allows players to operate giant robots on a live battlefield. Players can either play individually or fight together in platoons with a clan or friends.

Need reasons to play the game every day? Read on!

It enhances your problem-solving skills

War Robots is a game that requires players to carefully think of an efficient strategy to win a match. A player must think with the end in mind. Should he focus on collecting beacons or destroying the enemies’ robots? In here, the player will be trained to solve an issue right away to gain the upper hand. Split-second and sound decisions must be made, and the player’s choice will determine if he will advance to the next level or not. Running out of ideas? Here are Walking War Robots Cheats for you.

It improves one’s memory


War Robots, just like any other game, has rules that players have to follow. Not only do you have to remember the rules; you also have to keep your strategies in mind. Players should also be very familiar with the keyboard in order to respond quickly and with ease to what’s currently happening on the screen. This game improves the short-term and long-term memory.

It betters coordination

Did you know that video games can help improve your hand to eye coordination? Since the game is played in real-time, you’ll be required to act and react fast, training your eyes and fingers to work in collaboration with one another.

It may help dyslexic people

Research shows that dyslexia could be overcome by playing sessions of video games, and obviously, War Robots is a great game. It helps dyslexics by allowing them to focus and helping them concentrate on accomplishing the objectives of the game and progressing to the next level.

It makes you more observant


To keep up with the pace of the game, one must be observant and quick to take action. And because War Robots is a game that emphasizes the importance of time, players can learn where to look and what to observe first. A player must be able to naturally notice approaching enemies, energy levels, the number of ammunitions left, and other things on the screen. Once you get used to observing with keen eyes, you’ll be more observant.

It improves one’s creative and cognitive skills

Believe it or not, some education institutions include video games as a teaching strategy. That’s because playing games can improve the cognitive and creative skills of children and adults as well. And that’s another acceptable reason to play War Robots every single day!

It enhances social skills

war-robots-posterIn War Robots, you can work with friends or be in a clan, which can improve the way you interact with others. You’ll get to meet new friends, have fun winning with your team, and learn how to value collaboration and friendship.

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