How kids can decrease hate by playing PlayStation

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PlayStation can benefit children with special needs in so many ways. Learning via play is an exciting and beautiful way children with special needs can learn and get motivated. Strengthening kid’s skills is an approach that has been proved to help them learn. PlayStation games can offer excellent opportunities for children with special needs. The kids get to practice social skills, communication skills and organization skills in a relaxed setting where the players determine the pace.  Whereas video games aimed mainly at kids with special needs tend to address specific issues, a lot of mainstream titles can back up your child’s learning. Mainstream games can help enhance a sense of confidence and independence in children with special needs, give them room to ask for assistance and challenge themselves.

Try out these video games to help kids with special needs in these areas;  Communication  These are games that promote social modelling, language patterns, and visual storytelling. These games help in speaking, listening, and communication.  •  Cool School, windows, Mac  Cool School is a free video game which helps the kids practice ways of solving conflicts.  •  Itzazoo, Windows  In this game “living ink” technology is used. Drawings done by kids are animated and incorporated into a unique read and write video game.  •  Storybook Workshop, Nintendo Wii  Kids playing this game take turns in reading aloud fairy tales, the game alters your voice to fit the particular scene.  Motor Skills  These are PlayStation games that encourage movement. These include sports, dancing, handwriting, and drawing. These games build up muscle memories.  •  Active life; Nintendo Wii, Magical Carnival  This game uses a standard Wii remote and a unique floor mat that tracks foot movement of the players. These games are fantasy themed, and they test the kid’s short-term memory, their ability to follow simple instructions quickly and their skills in matching patterns, colours, and pictures.  •  Disney Fantasia; Music Evolved, Xbox One  Disney Fantasia is a music video game, and it teaches kids about music, sound rhythms, and also provides physical exercise for the kids.  •  Letter School; iPhone, IPad  Letter School PlayStation games aids in teaching kids letter writing. Letter writing is taught in three processes. First, you learn the starting point of each stroke, the second letter tracing where you trace the letter, thirdly you write the letter without any suggestions. Once you are done with drawing the letter, it becomes animated, a nice reward for any kid.  Reading and Writing  These are games that give both written and verbal instructions. They mostly focus on the player’s strong point, and they can help in boosting reading and writing skills.  •  Mia Reading: Windows, Mac  Mia reading games have 12 learning activities for kids and 4 levels that are difficult. Mia reading takes kids on a roller coaster of adventure that entails a massive range of literacy basis, as well as relating words with images, spelling, phonics and sentence structure.  •  Scribblenauts Unlimited  In this game, kids learn how to solve puzzles. The kids also get the chance to exercise their vocabularies and even expand their imagination in this game puzzle.  Whereas PlayStation games can be misused, they can also be of great help to children with special needs. The kids get to exercise their muscle, learn writing, reading, and speaking and also improve their social skills. Parents should encourage and motivate their kids who have special needs in playing some of these cool and educative video games.

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